Saturday, November 25, 2017

Give Thanks (Making Comparisons)

We all do it.....make comparisons, that is.  It is part of the human condition.  I write this today because I recognize that this Thanksgiving my family was able to participate in our usual traditions.  Last year we could not because of illness.  That's why this year it was so wonderful to do the "usual" and really take notice of it.  The planner in me doesn't always like the usual.  I like to do new, try new, meet new.  This year I was thrilled with the usual.
When I ask God* what I should know about this, I'm drawn to the opening prayer of last weekend's silent retreat:  "Creator, we celebrate your overflowing love, and we give thanks to all that we have, all that we are.  We know abundance because of you."
I believe we know abundance because we make comparisons.  Sometimes the comparisons lead us to feeling that we are in a space in which life is hard and there are obstacles to overcome.  We might feel scared or alone.  This can be a difficult time to be grateful.  For me, during these times. writing down my thoughts, concerns and fears is helpful.  It's also takes me to a place of calm when I write out gratitude lists in my journal, especially during stress-filled or anxious times. I try to come up with 36 things.  I list the events, people, places and things that happened the day before.  Often it is about the time I have spent outside because being out in "The Big Book," where everything is Creator-made, is a space where awe and wonder live.  It's here that if I can't find gratitude within, I can find gratitude from outside:  the various colors, different cloud types, the names of the birds and animals the weather, the wind, what's happening in the current season, and so forth.  Don't believe me.... go within and outside, make a comparison. Either way, give thanks.  You'll feel the difference.   
Now for the reflective questions which you can journal about or if you'd like to share your story, the community and I would love to hear from you!  Your comment could have a major impact on someone else.  Most likely it will be just the right thing at the right time for one of the readers. For me, God* wanted me to know that helping even just one person is wonderfully impactful.
Reflective questions:
1.  Do you feel like you're in a space of "less than" or abundance?

2.  What does God* want you to know about this (ask directly, "God, what do you want me to know?")

* I use the term God as a universal term.  You may decide that Great Spirit, Allah, Higher Power, Sensibility, etc. better suits you today.  It is not for me to decide.

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Note:  These posts are part of a broader call to do spiritual journaling which is simply journaling what's on your heart and mind and then asking God* what else you should know (read more at

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