Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Journaling Brings Possibilities (from the Looking Back Series 1/10/17)

When I look back in my journals so many outcomes result.  It's one of the many blessings of spiritual journaling.

Sometimes I am reminded of a practice and I restart it.  Examples include setting intentions for the day of how I want to feel when I go to sleep at night or restarting the practice of writing gratitude lists.  Sometimes when I look back I am inspired to write a poem.  Right now I am writing a poem whenever I look back and come across an overnight dream I had written about.

Here's a new poem from this dream series called PUSHED.


I know the truth.
My baby fell in the deep end, but,
my arms paralyzed,
I did not reach for him.

I coddled and nourished them,
as was necessary, 
but did I tie their shoes for too long,
or, not long enough?

Their eyes grew big, and 
bigger still, 
as they came to rest
on the bottom.

It is the lifeguard 
who rescued them.

Turns out,
my child is fine.
They had learned to breathe
under water.

When I asked, "God*, what else do I need to know about this?" God wants me to know that I find answers in the stillness.  That's another blessing of spiritual journaling.
Now for the reflective questions which you can journal about or if you'd like to share your story, the community and I would love to hear from you!  Your comment could have a major impact on someone else.  Most likely it will be just the right thing at the right time for one of the readers. For me, God* wanted me to know that helping even just one person is wonderfully impactful.
Reflective questions:
1.  What ideas come to you when you look back in your journals?

2. What does God* want you to know about this (ask directly, "God, what do you want me to know?")

* I use the term God as a universal term.  You may decide that Great Spirit, Allah, Higher Power, Sensibility, etc. better suits you today.  It is not for me to decide.

Photo by MH, OC NJ 

Note:  These posts are part of a broader call to do spiritual journaling (read more at CardinalTouch.net).

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